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Last week we headed to arguably one of the most prestigious streets in Grosse Pointe - Provencal - to review an impressive Georgian residence, 34 Provencal, completed in 1912, by architectural legend Louis Kamper for John Scripps Sweeney Sr. 

This week we head to another iconic Georgian residence, the majestic 211 Vendome, designed by Robert O. Derrick in 1929, for Franklin Caldwell Walker, grandson of whiskey baron Hiram Walker. The 18,158 sq ft property is set on two and a half acres and is possibly one of the finest homes in Grosse Pointe.

211 Vendome is a classically styled Georgian home with all the many traits one would associate with this style of residence built in the 1920’s. Grosse Pointe Farms, during the 1920’s, was a time of change,…

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