Last week we continued our story on the lost estates with three magnificent homes created by Trowbridge and Ackerman between 1909 and 1915, which have now been demolished.

This week we continue with the theme of lost estates, but turn to four homes that are proving to be somewhat of an enigma. Most of the homes we feature can be attributed to a particular architect, and the original owner can be identified. With books, files, and online research there is, if you like, a “paper trail” to authenticate their story. However, every now and again we come across a residence that can prove to be rather stubborn when it comes to tracing its story. This week we have four homes – 677 Lake Shore, 605 Lake Shore, 70 Lake Shore, and 215 Lake Shore - that fall…

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Last week we introduced you to 1 Ratbone Place. The beautiful home designed by Louis Kamper, between 1917-1918 for John G. Rumney.

This week we return to our series on the lost estates to continue our story of the homes created by Trowbridge and Ackerman. This talented duo from New York created three magnificent homes in Grosse Pointe – between 1909 and 1915. Sadly all three properties have been demolished, with the land sub divided to make way for new estates. 

These three homes were located at: 

  • 17040 E. Jefferson – built in 1909 for Luther S. Trowbridge Jr. – lawyer, and prominent businessman. 
  • 123 Lake Shore – built in 1910 for Truman H. Newberry – president and treasurer of the Detroit Steel & Spring Company, former secretary of the…

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Last week we explored another of Grosse Pointes lost estates, 735 Lake Shore, a grand Tudor mansion designed by Albert Kahn for Alvan Macauley, in 1930, which was demolished in 1974.

This week we travel to 1 Rathbone Place. Sitting on close to 1 acre of land, running from Jefferson to the lake, this beautiful home was designed by famed Detroit architect, Louis Kamper, between 1917-1918, for John G. Rumney. Image courtesy of Grosse Pointe Historical Society.

1 Rathbone Place, an Italian Villa, is a particularly striking home. The three magnificent archways dominate the front elevation, as does the low sloping tiled roof, and the large overhanging eaves. As you would expect with any creation by Kamper the 6,805 sq ft home is filled with superb…

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Last week we explored one of Grosse Pointes lost estates, 17100 E. Jefferson, a magnificent home designed by the firm of Trobridge & Ackerman for Dexter M. Ferry Jr., in 1915 - demolished in 1959.

This week we would like to present another superb home that has been lost – 735 Lake Shore, created by Albert Kahn in 1930, for Alvan Macauley. The home was one of the architectural masterpieces that were constructed on the shores of Lake St. Clair during the golden era of stately mansions. It was one of the ‘stand out’ estates on Lake Shore Drive. But, like so many of them demolished to make way for a subdivision.

The grand Tudor inspired home was located on 52 acres (20 acres were in Grosse Pointe Woods). The estate stretched from Lake Shore to…

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