Higbie Maxon Agney is pleased to offer our 2018 Grosse Pointe Real Estate Annual Report. Within this report you will find information on average sale prices, sales volume, real estate trends, and much more.

Our goal is to give you an accurate and complete picture of the 2018 Grosse Pointe housing market. All of the graphs were produced internally for Higbie Maxon Agney using MiRealSource multiple listing service. We are confident that these are the best statistics currently available on the Grosse Pointe housing market, and we hope that you will find the contents of this report readable and useful. Over the coming months we will use this information to help our clients make informed, educated real estate decisions.

We look forward to assisting…

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Last week we presented 15840 Lakeview Court. This sensational home was built in 1931 by George D. Mason and was one of the latter homes he designed towards the end of his career. 

This week we stay with the work of Mr. Mason and take a look at one of his earliest projects in Grosse Pointe, 1040 Harvard. As we mentioned last week Mason first appeared in the community in 1882, when the firm of Mason & Rice was commissioned to design ‘Edgmere’ for Joseph Berry. Fast-forward to 1916, Mason now has his own firm and has been commissioned by John W. Staley to create a large home on Harvard. 

John W. Staley was one of the best known of the younger bank officers’ in the United States. Born in Danville, Pa. he graduated from Albion College, Michigan…

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Last week we introduced you to the homes designed and/or built by Carl L. Meek, a known architect (and builder) in Grosse Pointe during the late 1920’s.

This week we would like to present 15840 Lakeview Court. This sensational home was built in 1931 by one of Detroit’s architectural superstars, George D. Mason for Albert H. Schmidt.

As renowned Detroit historian Clarence M. Burton once wrote, quite simply George DeWitt Mason was “the dean of Detroit architects”. In a city that boasts the sublime skills of Albert Kahn, and Louis Kamper, Mason takes his place alongside these two great designers as the men responsible for many of Detroit’s iconic buildings. During a career that lasted 50 years George D. Mason created numerous historic buildings in…

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Last week we explored the two homes on Jefferson designed by Wallace Frost for the Bowen brothers – 16628 and 16632 East Jefferson.

This week we are going to explore some of the homes designed and/or built by Carl L. Meek, a known architect (and builder) in Grosse Pointe during the late 1920’s. Meek designed, and built, several homes in the community, including: 

  • 610 University Place (1926)
  • 604 University Place (1928)
  • 587 University Place (1928)
  • 598 University Place (1929)
  • 592 University Place (1929)
  • 229 Merriweather (1928)
  • 160 Touraine (1928)
  • 679 and 525 Rivard (1928)
  • 621 Fisher (1929)
  • 31 Renaud (1930)

Very little is known about Carl L. Meek and his career, but he was responsible, during the 1920’s, for not only…

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Last week we introduced you to 180 Lewiston and arguably the most prestigious residents to live in Grosse Pointe - Russian nobility, the Count, and Countess Tolstoy.

This week we turn our attention to two very distinguished homes on E. Jefferson designed by the extremely talented Wallace Frost. Brothers, Edgar W. Bowen, and Julian P. Bowen, owned the two homes, located in close proximity to each other – 16628 E. Jefferson, and 16632 E. Jefferson.

Edgar Woodbury Bowen was born in Detroit in 1886. His brother, Julian Perry Bowen, was born a year later in 1887. The siblings, graduates of the University of Michigan, both held senior positions (Edgar was Vice President and Secretary, while Julian was Vice President and Treasurer) at the Ferry-Morse,…

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Happy 2019!

In our last post we profiled one of E. Jefferson’s grand old ladies, 16004 E. Jefferson. Built in 1907 it was designed by the Detroit based firm of Mildner & Eisen for Dr. Herman Kreit.

This week we would like to present 180 Lewiston. This post isn’t so much about the house, but more about the rather highly noted couple that once resided in the home. As we mentioned in a recent post on 40 Sunningdale, some extremely prominent people have owned homes in Grosse Pointe. However, when Russian nobility - Count, and Countess Tolstoy - moved into 180 Lewiston this catapulted the home to the top of the charts in having the most prestigious residents of all.

180 Lewiston was designed by Marcus Burrowes, and completed in 1922 for Cameron…

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