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Last week we presented some of the magnificent mansions that were built on Windmill Pointe during the 1920’s for wealthy Detroiter's and professionals who had begun to select the location to build grand homes in the suburbs. 

This week we head into the 1930’s and 1940’s to explore some of the residences that were created by Omer C. Boushor during, and after the Great Depression.

During his career, Boushor, a Detroit based architect, created well over 29 homes in the community - more than many other architects. However, as is the case with so many prolific architects who created multiple homes in Grosse Pointe, it can be difficult to find information about them professionally and/or personally. This is no reflection on their skills as a designer,…

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Last week, as we celebrate out 90th anniversary, we presented the story of Higbie Maxon Agney, an achievement Kay Agney and her team is extremely proud of. 

This week we return to Windmill Pointe. Recently we have explored the early history of Windmill Pointe, and the Windmill Point Lighthouse. As we continue the story of this historic area we take a glimpse at some of the magnificent mansions that were built during the 1920’s.

To recap, in 1916 a new group founded the Windmill Pointe Land Company. The land was subsequently subdivided and called the Windmill Pointe subdivision. It runs parallel to the lake in an easterly direction as far as Bedford Road. Beginning in the 1920’s Windmill Pointe was the height of popularity, and became a much…

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Last week we presented the history of Windmill Pointe, one of the most historic areas in the Grosse Pointe communities. The origin of the area dates back to 1712. 

This week we stay close to Windmill Pointe as we explore another iconic structure, the Windmill Point Lighthouse – a light that has stood at the entrance of Lake St. Clair for around 180 years.

The year is 1837. The customs collector in Detroit, Andrew Mack, had purchased a nearly four-acre site at the confluence of Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River for a lighthouse to be constructed. That same year Congress had appropriated $5,000 (around $133,000 today) for “building a lighthouse on Windmill Island, at the outlet of Lake St. Clair”. 12 months later, the lighthouse had been…

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Last week we presented Sunnycroft, the lost estate of Mrs. William K. Anderson that was once located at 70 Moran. It was completed in 1919 having been designed by William F. Goodrich, and demolished in 1957.

This week we head to Windmill Pointe - one of the most recognized, and historic areas in the Grosse Pointe communities. The origin of Windmill Pointe dates back to 1712.

During the early 20th century Grosse Pointe was rapidly transforming from a summer retreat to a year round residence. Improved roads to Detroit coupled with the advent of the car were heavily influencing this transformation. Grosse Pointe Park was one area in particular that was proving to be extremely popular for wealthy Detroiters and professionals to re locate to the suburbs.…

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