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Happy 2022!

In our last post we shared the story of our very own office - 83 Kercheval. The roots of Higbie Maxon Agney can be traced back to 1929, to the Maxon Brothers Real Estate firm, started by Paul and Richard Maxon. The Maxon Brothers office was originally located at 16914 Kercheval, in The Village. During the early 1940’s the brothers moved to their new office on the Hill, located at 83 Kercheval where Higbie Maxon Agney remains located today.

For our first post in 2022, we would like to present the story of Frank D. Wilberding, a prolific builder of fine homes in Grosse Pointe. In the space of 25 years, from around 1950 through to the 1970’s, Mr. Wilberding helped design and build over one hundred homes in the community. The majority of…

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