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Last week we introduced you to the work of George J. Haas, a noted designer responsible for creating multiple iconic buildings in Metro Detroit and Grosse Pointe, including the Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Building and Grosse Pointe South High School.

This week we would like to share the story of our very own office - 83 Kercheval. The roots of Higbie Maxon Agney can be traced back to 1929, to the Maxon Brothers Real Estate firm, started by Paul and Richard Maxon. The Maxon Brothers office was originally located at 16914 Kercheval, in The Village. During the early 1940’s the brothers moved to their new office on the Hill, located at 83 Kercheval where Higbie Maxon Agney remains located today.

The Hill, as a commercial center, began to take shape…

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Last week we presented part 1 of Lewiston Road with a selection of the homes created before 1930, on the first block located between Grosse Pointe Blvd and Kercheval.

This week we continue the story of Lewiston Rd with a range of homes located between Kercheval and the end of the street. As with part 1, all of these homes were completed in 1930, or earlier.

180 Lewiston – 1922 – Designed by Marcus Burrowes
180 Lewiston was designed by Marcus Burrowes for Cameron Currie, a respected businessman within the city. The formal Georgian residence is built of brick, with a striking limestone entrance. The property includes all the classic traits one would expect to find in a Georgian residence constructed during the 1920’s - large windows on the first…

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