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Last week we explored the history of The Bronze Door restaurant on The Hill. The origins of The Bronze Door began in 1933, when Joseph Vansinamee opened a beer garden, known as the Punch and Judy bar, in a small building on the space that is now the location of The Bronze Door. Over the next 88 years the restaurant would embark on an incredible, historic, and fascinating journey.

This week we head to 1009 Harvard in Grosse Pointe. The 2,993 sq ft brick built French Colonial property was designed by prolific architect Carl R. Habermas and built by noted builder, R. C. Ranke. It was completed in 1940. Despite being built over 80 years ago the house, to date, has only had two owners.

It is possible the property was built as a speculative home given…

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Happy 2020! 

In our last post we presented 110 Cloverly, completed by Robert O. Derrick, in 1924, for Phelps Newberry, a member of the esteemed Newberry family.

This week we leave behind the grand Tudor homes of the 1920’s and head to a mid-century property, 37 Edgemere, completed, in 1951, by Carl R. Habermas for Mr. and Mrs. M. Rivard Klippel.

Very little is known about Carl R. Habermas or his career. We do know he created several homes in Grosse Pointe from the 1930’s through to the 1960’s, covering a broad architectural spectrum - Tudor, Colonial, Regency, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern styles. It also appears, at some point in his career, he was closely associated with noted architect J. H. Steffens. His projects in Grosse Pointe…

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