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Last week we introduced you to another lost mansion, the original 1000 Lake Shore, former grand home of Louis Mendelssohn, and his wife Evelyn. 

This week we are going to continue to the story of the Mendelssohn family as we introduce 16500 E. Jefferson, the home of Louis Mendelssohn’s youngest daughter, Lydia, born in 1906. 

In 1929 Ms. Medelssohn married Christian Henry Buhl, II.  That same year the couple purchased the home of Ross W. Judson on Ellair Place, Grosse Pointe Park. Mr. Judson, the founder of Continental Motor Company, had recently moved from Ellair to 15324 Windmill Pointe, named Kasteel Batavia, which was designed by noted architect Wallace Frost. 

The Buhl-Mendellsohn house on Ellair place was set on six acres between…

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