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Last week we featured some of the homes in Grosse Pointe that use Indiana limestone as an integral part of the design, either as cladding or as trim. Indiana limestone has helped build a community and has played a massive part in the architectural history of Grosse Pointe. It remains permanently on display on some of the finest homes and public buildings in the area - an “aristocrat building material” that made such a difference to the composition of a home.

This week we jump forward into the 1950’s to review a home designed by contemporary architect Anne (Krebs) Crane, welcome to 15 Moorland. Ms. Crane was responsible for the design of several outstanding modern properties in Grosse Pointe from the 1950’s through to the beginning of the 1990’s. 

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Last week we reviewed 457 Lake Shore, the splendid home of Roy D. Chapin, who commissioned John Russell Pope to design a grand estate on Lake Shore in 1927.

This week we jump forward to 1959, to look at one of Grosse Pointe’s modern properties, 1013 Cadieux, created by prominent modern architect, William Kessler, for himself and his family. The Kessler family often referred to the house as "the chateau on Cadieux”. 

1013 Cadieux is a 1,700 sq ft one-of-a-kind modern style residence. The house is constructed from a light-steel frame; with floor to ceiling glass panels on the front and rear elevations, and brick-built end walls. The roof is comprised of a distinctive three-bay folded plate roof. The exterior of the home also features a privacy…

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Last week we brought you the story of 735 Lake Shore, the old and the new. The original home that was located on the property, when it was razed, and the new residence that has taken its place. 

This week we take a more in-depth look at the work of Anne (Krebs) Crane. Ms. Crane was responsible for the design of the new home at 735 Lake Shore for Estelle and Courtney Rankin. The contemporary glass front house was completed in 1974, and was just one of several projects Ms. Crane worked on. 

As we previously reported, Anne Crane was born in Belleville Illinois, in 1924. She graduated from the University of Illinois School of Architecture, in 1946, and moved to Grosse Pointe, in 1950, where she would reside for 62 years. When she moved to the area…

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This is the story of an exceptional home in Grosse Pointe Farms. Some of you might remember this work of art, while for others this will be an introduction to a modern contemporary masterpiece.

232 Lothrop was built in 1951, but was razed several years ago. This one of a kind home was commissioned by Dr. George Rieveschl, a research chemist, and was the product of two masters of modern architecture. Alexander Girard designed the original home, while William Kessler extensively remodeled the property in 1959 (at a reported cost of $250,000 – around $2million today).

Situated on a secluded wooded ridge of over one and a half acres the residence was located on the highest point of land in Grosse Pointe Farms on a magnificent pine shaded site. Each…

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