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Last week we explored “Rose Terrace I” completed in 1910, by Albert Kahn for Horace Elgin Dodge. 

This week we present the story of its successor, “Rose Terrace II” – arguably the most acclaimed residence to be designed, built, and razed, in all of the Grosse Pointe communities. And one of the finest houses of its kind to be built in the United States. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

“Rose Terrace II” was located at 12 Lake Shore Drive on an 8.8-acre site where “Rose Terrace I” and the original Country Club of Detroit had once stood. The original home had been razed in 1931, to accommodate the new French-styled Louis XV château for Anna Dodge (widow of Horace E. Dodge) and her second husband, former actor Hugh Dillman. 

The palatial palace…

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Last week we presented the story of 17800 E. Jefferson, completed by Albert Kahn for Charles M. Swift in 1905 – now a lost estate. 

This week we turn our attention to the house next-door - 17840 E. Jefferson, “Rose Terrace I”, completed in 1910, for Horace Elgin Dodge - another of Albert Kahn’s masterpieces. Given the significance of this property and its successor we thought it was about time to tell the story of “Rose Terrace I”, and its later replacement “Rose Terrace II” next week. Photo is courtesy of: Legacy of Albert Kahn by W. Hawkins Ferry.

“Rose Terrace I” was located at 17840 E. Jefferson. Prior to its commission Horace E. Dodge, the younger of the Dodge siblings, had purchased land adjoining the former Detroit Country Club…

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