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Last week we presented two grande dames that exist on the first block of Oxford – number 30 and number 40. The two houses were developed by Arthur J. Scully. Both homes were designed in 1930, by two of Metro Detroit’s finest architectural firms – Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, and Herman & Simons.

This week we head to a very special home indeed – welcome to 1100 Berkshire, the former residence of Leonard B. Willeke - noted Grosse Pointe architect. Leonard Willeke had a long association with Grosse Pointe Park, aside from the many homes he designed throughout the community, he and his wife, Leona, resided in the city for over fifty years. 

Leonard B. Willeke was one of the most adaptable and prolific architects to work in the Detroit area. He was…

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Last week we presented one of Leonard Willeke’s most prominent projects, 22 Webber Place. The grand estate was completed in 1927, for Oscar Webber, General Manager of Hudson’s Department store.

This week we head to another of Leonard Willieke’s acclaimed homes - 1012 Three Mile Drive – completed in 1929, for Raymond J. Purdy, an auto accessories and windshield manufacturer.

Throughout the 1920s, Leonard Willeke was known for designing fine residential work for wealthy clientele. His work includes some of the most magnificent mansions in Grosse Pointe, located on some of the most exclusive streets – Lake Shore Drive, Three Mile Drive, Balfour, Berkshire, and Buckingham.

1012 Three Mile Drive, commissioned by Raymond Purdy, ultimately came via…

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Last week we previewed 938 Balfour, completed in 1922, as a speculative home by the talented Leonard B. Willeke.

This week we stay with the work of Leonard Willeke to feature one of his most prominent projects, 22 Webber Place. The grand estate was completed in 1927, for Oscar Webber, General Manager of Hudson’s Department store, and the nephew of Joseph L. Hudson. (Joseph Hudson emigrated from Ontario to Michigan – in 1881, he opened a small men’s and boy’s store in Detroit. Before his death in 1912, the once small shop had grown to be the largest department store in the city). Oscar Webber was born in Ionia Township in 1889. Oscar, along with his three brothers, ran the Hudson department store for several decades. He was married to Marjorie…

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Last week we turned our attention to some of the less well-known homes created by William B. Stratton. Aside from the large-scale projects that are often featured in books and publications, Stratton also completed numerous residences that are just as charming but don’t always receive the exposure they deserve. 

This week we arrive at 938 Balfour to explore the home designed and built by Leonard Willeke in 1922, as a speculative house. The definition of a speculative house is - ‘a residence built without a particular buyer in mind or under contract but designed to appeal to the maximum market possible’. Willeke, during the 1920’s, created at least seven residences on Balfour, this included four speculative homes: 938 (in 1922), 785 (in 1923), 746…

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As you travel around Grosse Pointe it becomes apparent that not all roads are the same. Grosse Pointe may have once been a heavily wooded farming community, with primarily flat land, but on closer inspection there are exceptions to the rule.

In Grosse Pointe Farms a major change in the landscape occurs. From Lewiston to Vendome on the blocks between Ridge Road and Charlevoix the long flat streets give way to a significant gradient, and with it comes a notable change to the architectural style found in this part of community.

Many of the homes on these streets have been designed to reflect the change in the terrain, and it is understandable why many of the designers chose to work with the surroundings as opposed to fighting them. They created…

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