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Last week we presented the history of St. Clare parish, school and church. The origins of the parish date back to 1923. In 1927, the first parish school opened, designed by Van Leyen, Schilling & Keogh. The new church was dedicated in 1953, designed by Diehl and Diehl.

This week we head to 355 Lincoln, one of the most distinguished homes in Grosse Pointe City. The 8,700 sq ft English Manor was designed by the renowned New York based firm Alfred Hopkins & Associates for Dr. Theodore McGraw, Jr. The gardens were designed by legendary landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman. 

355 Lincoln was completed in 1923. It is a striking property and markedly prominent in the community. The house has beautiful architectural details inside and…

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Last week we explored 130 Kenwood, completed in 1926. J. Ivan Dise designed the English Tudor style home for Luther David Thomas. It is one of the larger Dise homes in Grosse Pointe.

This week we head to a lost estate, 10 Moross – on the corner of Moross and Lake Shore. It is believed this once grand home was designed in the early 20th century (around 1905) by Louis Kamper and razed in 1968.

Born in Bavaria, Germany in 1861, Louis Kamper emigrated to the U.S with his family in 1880. He arrived in Detroit in 1888, and quickly established himself on the architectural scene, joining the firm of Scott & Scott, becoming partner within a year. The majority of Kamper’s career focused largely on two areas — designing magnificent residences for the…

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Last week we explored 855 Ellair Place, a mid century modern home completed in 1951 by George Bickford Brigham, Jr. for William Harris.

This week we stay on Ellair, to present some of the other homes that exist on this picturesque dead end street by the lake. The houses on Ellair Place cover a broad spectrum of architectural styles, ranging from English manor, Cape Cod, Colonial through to midcentury modern. The homes were constructed over a period of two centuries. Noted architects, including; Smith, Hinchman and Grllys, and George Bickford Brigham, Jr. created them for some rather prominent families. 

Ellair Place is located between Edgmont Park and Bishop Road. There are currently ten houses on the street, however, this wasn’t always the…

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Last week we presented 824 Lake Shore, the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Estate. Set on 4.3 acres with approximately 445’ of water frontage the property features a 5,490 square foot midcentury modern main house, a charming guest cottage (created as an artist studio, in 1966), and a white clapboard farmhouse.

This week we head to 855 Ellair Place – a mid century modern home completed in 1951 by George Bickford Brigham, Jr. for William Harris.

George B. Brigham, Jr. has been called Ann Arbor’s “first modern architect”. He created at least 40 modern style homes in the city, and was nationally recognized as an early pioneer in the use of pre-fabricated materials in residential architecture. Source: His work in Grosse Pointe however, appears…

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Last week we presented the Trial Gardens at The Grosse Pointe War Memorial. The Trial Garden was originally commissioned by the Grosse Pointe Garden Center – an organization founded in 1950 to succeed the Grosse Pointe War Memorial’s Garden and Grounds Committee. Eleanor Roche, a noted landscape architect, designed the gardens.

This week we head to Grosse Pointe City, and to one of the largest homes constructed, 355 Lincoln.

Completed in 1923 for Theodore McGraw, Jr., the noted New York firm Alfred Hopkins & Associates designed it. The 8,733 sq ft English manor is a striking property, and particularly prominent in the community. The exterior is stucco, with a slate roof. While the exterior has subtle architectural details, the inside is awash…

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Last week we featured four lost estates on Lake Shore that proved to be a mystery when it came to tracing their story - 677 Lake Shore, 605 Lake Shore, 70 Lake Shore, and 215 Lake Shore. All four homes were once magnificent estates on Lake Shore, all four have been demolished, and all four are too good to be forgotten.

This week we continue with the lost estates, but turn to two homes that had a rather short life span. The first, 507 Lake Shore was completed in 1977, and was demolished in 1998. The second, 217 Lake Shore, was completed in 1949, and razed during the early 1990’s. Thus proving it is not just historical homes that have been lost over time.

507 Lake Shore was a sprawling 9,500 sq ft Italian style villa completed in 1977. It was…

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