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Last week we presented the history of the Neighborhood Club. The origins of the club date to 1911, when some of the most prominent women in Grosse Pointe met to “talk things over”, to establish an organization that would meet the recreational, educational, and social service needs of families in the area. Its new community center opened in 1929 - one of the finest social centers of the country. 

This week we return to residential architecture as we begin a three-part series on the work of renowned Grosse Pointe architect, Leonard B. Willeke. We recently presented the life and work of this incredible designer as part of the Higbie Maxon Agney Lecture series. Willeke’s story continues with several projects we have yet to feature in depth, starting…

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Last week we concluded our series on Richard H. Marr, the “Architect of Midwest Millionaires” as we presented some of the residential projects he created in Grosse Pointe during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

This week we head to Grosse Pointe Farms to visit the city’s sewage pumping station, located at 305 Chalfonte. It was completed in 1929, having been designed by prominent Detroit architect, J. Ivan Dise and built by engineering firm Hubbell, Hartgering & Roth. Image courtesy of

The majority of Dise’s creations in Grosse Pointe occurred during the 1920’s and 30’s. Prior to designing The Village of Grosse Pointe Farms important new facility, Dise’s focus of attention in the community was primarily residential projects. His houses…

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Last week we presented a house listed on the National Register of Historic Places – 33 Oldbrook Lane, formerly known as “East Hall”. This incredible property was designed by George D. Mason in 1916-17, for John T. Woodhouse, one of Detroit’s leading tobacco merchants.

This week we return Oxford Road and the many homes developed by realtor and developer Arthur J. Scully. The development managed by Mr. Scully created the new Oxford subdivision during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. In our first blog post about Oxford Road, we explored two of the larger homes developed by Scully - number 30 and number 40, located in the first block off Lake Shore. Both homes were designed in 1930, by two of Metro Detroit’s finest architectural firms – Smith, Hinchman &…

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Last week we introduced you to the work of Arthur Knox Hyde. During his career Arthur K. Hyde was associated with some of the finest architects in Detroit and was a former partner of William B. Stratton. He created at least four homes in Grosse Pointe. 

This week we head to 130 Kenwood, completed in 1926. J. Ivan Dise designed the English Tudor style home for Luther David Thomas. It is one of the larger Dise homes in Grosse Pointe. 

The original address of 130 Kenwood was 50 Kenwood – post 1930, many house numbers on this street were changed. The 7,256 sq ft residence is constructed from brick with a steeply pitched slate roof. The impactful exterior features an elaborate oversized entrance with a recessed limestone porch, with seating, to the…

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Last week we explored some fine examples of Craftsman style homes found around the Grosse Pointe communities – 844 Barrington, 1030 Nottingham, and 849 Notre Dame.

This week we head to Country Club Lane to explore three grand neighboring homes that were all completed in 1927, by two prestigious architects. Welcome to 381, 391, and 411 Country Club Lane.

Country Club Lane is located on the edge of the Country Club of Detroit, and is accessed via Moross, Lakeview Ave, and Country Club Drive. It is home to seven residences that were built between 1840 through to 1970. However, it is the three homes that are located on the west side of the road that we will be focusing on.

J. Ivan Dise designed two of the homes. The majority of Dise’s commissions…

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Last week we featured the work of J. Robert F. Swanson who was involved in creating at least four homes in Grosse Pointe – including 21 Colonial Road, and 203 Cloverly.

This week we would like to present 824 Lake Shore, the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Estate. Set on 4.3 acres with approximately 445’ of water frontage the property features a 5,490 square foot midcentury modern main house, a charming guest cottage (created as an artist studio, in 1966), and a white clapboard farmhouse.

The entire parcel encompasses three pieces of land  - the first was once the location of 820 Lake Shore - a midcentury modern home (that has subsequently been razed), the second is the main house, 824 Lake Shore, while the third was once the location of 830 Lake…

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Last week we presented 1011 Yorkshire. Ladue & Rahles completed the historic Colonial, in 1916, for Edmund F. Poupard, a member of the respected Poupard family who owned one of the original ribbon farms that once lined the shores of Lake St. Clair.

This week we stay in Grosse Pointe Park, and head to the prestigious street of Balfour, and to number 849. J. Ivan Dise completed the 4,326 sq ft Tudor revival home, in 1923, for Bertrand C. Spitzley. 

J. Ivan Dise created close to 20 homes in Grosse Pointe, plus a very recognizable public building in the Farms, the sewage pumping station (located at Chalfonte Avenue and Kerby Road). Dise was born in Pennsylvania in 1887. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, in 1909 he began his…

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Last week we presented 176 Fisher, designed in 1939 by Clarence Mack – one of the nationally noted architects who came to the community to work on one project. 

This week we return to Windmill Pointe, and to one of the lost mansions. Unlike many of the grand mansions built in the 1920’s, that were razed to create new subdivisions, this stunning property was sadly lost to fire in the 1990’s.

During the 1920’s Windmill Pointe was the height of popularity, and became a much sought after area. Wealthy Detroiters and professionals had begun to select the location to build magnificent residences, hiring some of the area’s most prestigious architects to design their new homes. One such designer was J. Ivan Dise who completed 15600 Windmill Pointe in…

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