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Last week we explored 221 Lewiston – a unique Italian Renaissance villa designed by Hugh T. Keys for businessman Charles A. Dean and his wife Helen W. Dean (Ryan). 

This week we turn our attention to some of the less well-known homes created by William B. Stratton. We have previously covered many homes by Stratton, the large-scale projects that are often talked about and widely featured in books and publications, such as - 55 Tonnancour (1911), 938 Three Mile (1927), 15366 Windmill Pointe (1925), 341 Lakeland (1927), and 411 Country Club Drive (1927). Aside from these larger homes Stratton created he also completed numerous residences that are just as charming but don’t always receive the exposure they deserve, including:

  •        50 Lochmoor

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Last week we presented part 1 of Lewiston Road with a selection of the homes created before 1930, on the first block located between Grosse Pointe Blvd and Kercheval.

This week we continue the story of Lewiston Rd with a range of homes located between Kercheval and the end of the street. As with part 1, all of these homes were completed in 1930, or earlier.

180 Lewiston – 1922 – Designed by Marcus Burrowes
180 Lewiston was designed by Marcus Burrowes for Cameron Currie, a respected businessman within the city. The formal Georgian residence is built of brick, with a striking limestone entrance. The property includes all the classic traits one would expect to find in a Georgian residence constructed during the 1920’s - large windows on the first…

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