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Last week we concluded our two-part feature on the Grosse Pointe Yacht with a presentation on the design of the club house, from the ornate exterior to the splendid Italian influenced interior. Upon completion on July 4, 1929, it was one of the finest yacht clubs in America.

This week we bring our exploration of Grosse Pointe Clubs to a close as we focus on the Country Club of Detroit. The current building was designed by the prestigious Detroit firm of Smith, Hinchmann, and Grylls. It opened in 1927.

Prior to the completion of the new clubhouse the history of the Country Club of Detroit (CCD) dates to 1886, when the original building was completed. The club hired architect William E. Brown to design a clubhouse that would be situated on the…

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Last week we continued our presentation on the St. Paul’s Church complex as we explored the interior of St. Paul’s church, along with the history of the rectory, the parish house, and the barn. This week we conclude our series with part 3, as we visit the school and convent buildings.

The St. Pauls' Catholic school and convent are located at the opposite end of the property, on Grosse Pointe Blvd. In 1926, it is reported the church committee voted to build a new elementary and high school on the grounds of the St. Paul’s church. The then pastor Fr. Alonzo H.B Nacy commissioned nationally acclaimed Detroit architectural firm Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls to design the school and convent buildings. “St. Paul's had acquired the Bertha Palms Lewis…

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