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Last week we explored 1305 Whittier, a charming Tudor home completed in 1927, by Rupert W. Koch for James E. Sheridan.

This week we are going to bring you the story of 16710 E. Jefferson, the old and the new - the original house that was located on the property, the now remodeled residence, and the sub division it became part of. 

Over the past few months we have featured several homes that fall under ‘The Old and the New’ category – residences that once had an historic older property that has either been replaced or been remodeled, including: 735 Lake Shore, 655 Lake Shore, 501-507 Lake Shore (the former Stonehurst Estate), and 824 Lake Shore.

16710 E. Jefferson has had a long and interesting history. Completed in 1896, the property is one…

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